4 Essential Shoes You Need in Your Closet…Right Now

When a Modern Military Man kicks off his boots or sweaty corframs at the end of the work day he should be able to pick footwear for whatever situation presents itself that evening.  I’m going to go ahead and say this upfront; you are not allowed to wear your Aasic running shoes out unless you actually happen to be running.  With these 4 essential shoes you should have all your bases covered, whether you’re meeting up with a sexy townie for drinks or diddy bopping around downtown.  Just remember, even if you’re the most impeccably dressed Modern Military Man in the room, a pair of nerdy kicks will be the first thing that Tinder date of yours notices.

1. The Athletic Shoe

This should be obvious, but invest in some good ground pounders.  Depending on how serious and pricey you want to get there are all types ranging from purely functional to those that CAN be worn out.  Easily worn at the gym or on the track, tricky to wear out on the town. Beware.

2. The Casual Shoe

This is what you’ll most likely be wearing the majority of the time you’re out and about.  The casual shoe means that you’re stylish enough to know that running shoes are meant for running but you’re not trying too hard.  Ever see that middle aged, overweight,  balding guy in pointy dress shoes and jeans at the grocery store on a Tuesday night? Case in point.  I currently rock a pair of Vans when I’m keeping it casual but there are endless options out there whether it be Converse,  Toms, Nike, or Adidas.

3. The Boot

I’m talking about a nice pair of boots, not your military issue.  I cannot reinforce this enough; DO NOT wear your military boots out.  Anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Nothing says, “I have zero style”, like somebody dancing the cupid shuffle at the Applebee’s bar with a pair of issued boots on. 

Just don’t do it.  What I like so much about boots is that there are literally thousands of different styles out there that can work for anybody.  Whether it’s a Hiking Boot, Cowboy Boot, Chukka Boot, or Chelsea Boot, there are options for wherever you may be living or whatever you’re feeling.  When I’m home in Texas you can catch me out two stepping with some ostrich skin cowboy boots.

4. The Dress Shoe

Here is where spending a little bit of money will go a long way.  I’m going to cheat and give two different types that are essential.  You absolutely must have one pair of cap toes, and one pair of wingtips.  Check out everything you need to know about dress shoes and more here.  Safe bets will always be black or brown.  Go for the classic look that will never go out of style.  Never buy the super pointy, unless you’re a French fashion model and if you buy the square toe dad shoes you might as well give up now.  For the more advanced folk out there a pair of monk straps will really set off that new suit you want to try out.  The two pairs that I sport the most often with my suits are either a set of black monk straps or brown wingtips.

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Essential Shoes For Any Occasion

You may be saying right now, “Hey, I’d love to wear dress shoes and a suit out but there’s never the opportunity where I live!”  To this I say a Modern Military Man always dresses his best, and makes his own opportunities.  Just don’t slip while you’re teaching that bridesmaid how to dougie.

What do you think, is shoe game really that important?

Alexander Lawrence

Alexander Lawrence

Alexander is Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Modern Military Man. He's active duty Air Force and gets paid to think he's really cool and fly around really fast. When he's not in the air he enjoys planning how he's going to make his millions and where in the world he wants to visit next. His current idols are Don Draper, Robin Olds, and A$AP Rocky.

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