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Military Fashion 101 From A Professional Stylist

You’re in a military uniform all day long, walking around base looking like everybody else.  When you get off work, it’s your time to shine, especially in the style department.  Heading out for a hot date or just out with your bros, you throw on your go to baggy pair of jeans, a pair of flip-flops, and your extra tight American Eagle polo, check yourself out in the mirror, and think you’re good to go.  I hate to break it to you, but there’s a reason the waitress at Hooters you gave your number to isn’t going to call…

You Can Be Stylish In the Military

I’m a girl that’s passionate about always dressing your best.  As a stylist, I live and breathe men’s fashion.  One issue I see with military guys on a consistent basis is although they look awesome in a uniform a lot of them really don’t put any thought or effort into their style the rest of the time.  The way a guy dresses draws so much more attention than anything else.  The guy at the bar who gets hit on the most, is the one who doesn’t look like every other Joe Schmo trying the “what’s your sign?” pick up line.  You can be extremely cocky or timid, but if you don’t dress well, you can keep walking.

The Basics

Most guys have a sea of blues and darker shades in their closets. Spice it up!  Personally, I love a guy in purple, it’s such a versatile color, that most guys shy away from.  Invest in your closet, and it’ll pay off in the long run.  Looking awesome equals feeling awesome about yourself.  I guarantee if you take the dirty running shoes, baggy clothing, and old t shirt out of your wardrobe, you’ll get so much more positive attention.

Guys. You want the girl hanging on your arm all night to look nice, right?  Well news flash, girls want that too!

Be bold with your outfits, layer things up, wear accessories, find brands that fit you well.  Baggy clothing has been out for years, find a good pair of slim fit (not skinny) jeans.  Chinos are a must in a guy’s wardrobe, and come in an arrangement of colors, don’t be afraid of stepping out of the khaki and blue zone that so many live in.  If you’re not sure about colored pants, take it one step at a time with a simple color like gray or a dark green.

If you do not have an assortment of button ups in your closet, you’re doing something wrong.  Every guy should be able to impress the girl of his dreams with what’s in his closet at any given moment, and sorry, that will not be your Hollister polo from high school.  Button ups are the staple piece to any outfit, and most can be dressed up or down.  Go crazy when it comes to button ups, have a few tame solid ones (not all blues), and get into plaids, checkers, (manly) florals, and madras.  You’ll definitely be noticed (in a good way) for daring to not blend in with the crowd.

Manly Men Can Wear Accesories (Just Don’t Call Them That)

Please do not wear rings, unless it’s your wedding ring, your college ring, or you happen to be Don King.  Scarfs are a must!  A guy who wears a scarf puts out that mysterious vibe, which is such a turn on.  You should not be wearing baseball or trucker hats (I hope nobody has these anymore) out on dates or a night out.  Baseball hats are only acceptable at baseball games…who would have thought?

SHOES, I cannot say enough about how important a guy’s shoes are.  If you nail everything else, but are still sporting a pair of Crocs, you have literally no chance.  If your shoe game is on point, you will not go unnoticed.  Do not assume that your gym shoes are made for any setting, other than the gym itself.  We are so past the point where guys only wear tennis shoes and clunky black dress shoes.  There are so many great, casual shoe options out there, put some effort into your shoe game!

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At the end of the day, you should be wearing clothes that make you look great, and feel confident.  Major style is easy to accomplish, you just have to put a little thought into it.  Dressing well is the easy part.  Keeping up with all the numbers you’ll be getting, will be the difficult part.

“A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.” Hardy Amies



Kirsten likes her men clean cut, well dressed, and with excellent dental hygiene. The quickest way to her heart is with a bowl of queso.

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