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Tip Of The Week – North Face Pro Program

First post of our (eventually) weekly tip for all military members out there.  There are so many great deals just waiting for us that you have to dig for to find.  Luckily for you we love to help out and plan on doing the legwork for you!

Everybody from Fraternity bros to Mountaineering junkies knows North Face for their awesome jackets and outdoor swag.  What people don’t know is that because of what we do in the military we’re entitled to a serious discount of up to 50% for some of their merchandise.

Head to to sign up.  You’ll need to send in a copy of your LES and send in a letter on official letterhead from your unit signed by your supervisor.  There’s a bunch of rules about what you can and can’t do with this awesome deal and make sure you follow them so you don’t ruin this for everybody else!  

Exact verbiage from program is stated below.  Check it out and get the hookup!

Military employee that is working full time, year round (3 month minimum) and spends a majority of their professional time (over 50%) in the field. Please provide the following documents as proof of employment:

a. Current Pay Stub illustrating full-time employment (32+ hours/week); please black out all social security and salary information.

b. Official Job Description letter on official company letterhead that includes signed verification of
employment from your immediate supervisor. The letter must also include:

i. Applicant’s name, title, brief job description, and contact information, OR, the branch of
service, rank and your department of service.
ii. Immediate supervisor’s name, title, and contact information.
iii. If you are an organization or business owner, please include a brochure or website URL.

If you’ve heard about any other great programs like this one drop us a line or leave comment so we can get the word out!

Alexander Lawrence

Alexander Lawrence

Alexander is Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Modern Military Man. He's active duty Air Force and gets paid to think he's really cool and fly around really fast. When he's not in the air he enjoys planning how he's going to make his millions and where in the world he wants to visit next. His current idols are Don Draper, Robin Olds, and A$AP Rocky.

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