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Turn Any Party Into A Rager: 3 Speakers That’ll Make You Forget About Your Boombox

For most of us music is a necessity in our daily lives whether to make it through a rough workout, to break up the monotonous workday, to liven up that party or BBQ, or just to help us unwind after a long day of being the greatest land, sea, air, and space force the world has ever seen. With a constant need for good tunes we by extension need better ways to get those beats to the pleasure centers in our brain.

These following products are the hottest tech to help us do just that, utilizing Bluetooth technology to cut the wires and turn up the fun these are must haves.

Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth Headphones:

Gone are the days of large bulky Bluetooth devices, we now have Bluetooth earbuds that are perfect for working out or running. I hate wearing an armband throughout my lift, and the headphone cord always slides down and starts tugging the earbuds out of my ears when I run. With a set of Bluetooth headphones I have eliminated these issues. You can leave your phone in your pocket or gym bag while you lift (about 30 feet away before reception is lost), and not deal with the cords when running. Most, if not all, will have music/volume controls and a microphone for taking calls while you get your pump on. I rock the Jaybird Freedom Sprint model, and with a 4-5 hour battery life you can get a few workouts in before you need a charge. They only downside I have found is that they have taken away a few more of my excuses to not hit the gym.  Check it out here.

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker:

No party is really a party without music. Furthermore when I go poolside to tan, or have friends over for a BBQ I need some good jams that everyone around me will enjoy. This is where my Bose Soundlink comes into play; with up to 14 hours of battery life and an incredible full bodied sound this device instantly turns any gathering into a fiesta. I also use the speaker, using the built in aux connection, as my computer speaker when I’m searching the web for that new jam no one else has heard yet at home. I like this model slightly better than its little brother the Bose Soundlink Mini, as I think it packs a bit more of a punch with its bass and volume levels; but both have great sound. With this at your side, you only need a few libations and people will surely just start to drop by hang out; I spend most of my summer testing and retesting this theory out by the pool.  Check it out here.

ION Block Rocker Bluetooth:

This last speaker is for when you really want to get things going at an outdoor event. It is again Bluetooth to jam off your phone but has an aux cable for those other devices you might have. The best feature I found with this product is the included microphone that was fantastic after a few drinks on the beach.


The downside here was at this point we had been going pretty hard and some of the families enjoying the beach that afternoon may not have been super pleased with the volume level of our tunes or our drunkenness. Nonetheless this is a key item for the beach and if someone else has a small speaker out there and are not playing the appropriate amount of “Wagon Wheel” or “Crazy Game of Poker” well this will ensure that everyone on the beach becomes familiar with your taste in music.   Check it out here.

These devices will help you keep things rocking and maybe drive the conversation away from “shop talk” and back towards some of the more fun things the military life provides us, like that time you went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert and you saw three officers get arrested for public intoxication, or that amazing TDY to Seattle you have coming up. Get out there and let the music make the party.

Tony Broviso

Tony Broviso

Broviso is active duty Air Force, when he’s not flying low level and being the “Quiet Professional” he can be found being very loud and very unprofessional at your local pub, attempting to flirt with everyone from the waitress to that old lady drinking alone at the end of the bar.

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